Monday, February 24, 2014

Transfers are next week: Where Will Sis. Behle Go?

Transfers Are Coming! 

Well I've got about a week and a half left of this transfer and I'll be reassigned somewhere that I don't know yet out of state and probably won't find out until the day of transfers. This transfer will be a bit bigger. Maybe I'll be in Alaska in two weeks when I send my announcement of where I'll be in my weekly letter. 

Highlights of the Week

  • We had two baptisms yesterday for Jeri Riley and her son Steven Estrada.
  •  We are teaching a couple that are from India and here for school at BYU and the University of Utah. We were going over the plan of Salvation with these two and at one point I was going to explain the atonement and thought to ask if they knew who the devil was. They were like, "Who's the devil?". It's funny teaching people that don't have the basic understanding of who Jesus Christ was. 
        The couple (Nidhi and Alok) are very intelligent and Nidhi is getting her masters in Biotechnology and           Alok is getting his PHD in Chemical Engineering. They are very quiet and very sweet. We took them             to church last Sunday and the sacrament talk was great for them and filled with the spirit about how to           unconditionally love your family, kids, etc. 

        Nidhi and Alok said beforehand that was one thing that they liked about our church so it was a good             subject for them. We then went toSunday school and they went into depth about the Abrahamic                   Covenant...we were struggling to follow along, the guy could of been a professor for an advanced                 religion class and we had just barely taught them who the devil was! 

       Nidhi texted us later, however to tell us they wanted to prepare to be baptized so we will start preparing        them, but we have a lot to teach them first. Well those are probably the highlights of the week.

  •  Some girl yesterday at church threw up right in front of me walking down the hall, I have a bit of weak stomach and was thinking okay I'm the missionary here and should go get a mop or something, but I want to throw up just looking at it. You could tell who the moms were, because they were used to that sort of thing and dropped down on their hands and knees with paper towels and said it barely phased them since they've done it so many times...ughhhh. 

 Well, that's all. Have a great week.

-Sister Behle

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day: Keep Your Heart Locked

Hey everyone. Well we have two people that are getting baptized next weekend. I think I might have mentioned them in my last letter actually.

Oh well it was Valentine's day so we heart attacked some of our less actives or investigators doors. Below there is a picture of how we are supposed to celebrate Valentine's day as missionaries. There is an article about keeping your heart locked as a missionary and heart shaped balloons with locks on them. They didn't want our hearts to drift for even a minute. There is no love for us on Valentines. haha Okay well my brother did send me a box of chocolates. It's probably because he knows I hate that day and was trying to make it better for me. ha.
Keep Your Heart Locked !! 
Well we also had fun doing our weekly planning in a fort in the pictures below. Sister Tripp was sick of routine and tried to spice things up.
Keeping it Fun with a Fort!
Okay and then we ran into this guy who had the most decked out bike I've ever seen. Apparently he can't afford a car and so now he's on bike, but he's got his whole life packed onto that thing. He has an alarm radio for music and time. He's got a cell phone holder on it, measuring tape attached to it, a picture of Christ on the back of it, a handicapped sticker on the front of it so he can get handicapped parking, and a ton of other things!
Back of Decked out Bike 
His Whole Life Packed On This Bike
I was going to just send the pictures and tell you guys how much Sister Tripp and I have done with the bikes we ride, but then I decided I should tell the truth missionary :D 

well anyways have a great week. 

Sister Behle

Monday, February 10, 2014

Life In The Ghetto of Provo

Hey everyone. I hope you've all had a good week. My companion has been sick half the week so this week hasn't been as busy as some of the others. I'm now trying to remember what happened this week.

 Well we have two more people on date to get baptized. Sister Riley and her son will be getting baptized. Sister Riley has been wanting to baptized for awhile, but she's still technically married to a husband that left her and her kids and has had nothing to do with them that she had to get permission from. People that are married have to have permission from their spouse for baptism, she was really against trying to contact him, but finally she made the effort and the phone was disconnected and we called the mission president and he gave her the "okay" since she attempted and has no other way to try.

 We've had several people asking us for money this week. I guess people assume that we're wealthy, because the church has a lot of money and that we're the missionaries for the church. So that's awkward, we have to explain that we have limited funds each week and we're not allowed to give money. Sister Tripp and I decided that the Boulders is that most dramatic apartment building ever. They have their own police for the Boulders because there is so much stuff that goes down over there. There are fights that break out, a gazillion drug busts and everyone likes to get into everyone else's business over there. And everyone over there likes to talk about how dramatic everyone else is, but they are too kinda but don't realize it. 

 If one person has a car in that apartment building then the whole building knocks on their door asking for rides. There is one guy that finally put up a sign outside his door that said, "I only give rides to the Doctor and grocery shopping, no exceptions!" Somehow without having a lot of money, everyone seems to have cable tv. We see the cable tv van drive through Boulders all the time. 

 We drove this lady's dad to the hospital this week. He'd had three strokes, but refused to take the ambulance and so we went over to help this lady with her laundry and there was her dad that needed to go to the hospital so we started making phone calls for someone in the ward or someone that had a car that could take him. Anyways, I've got to go I'm out of time.

Sister Behle

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Area: South Provo


Hey everyone my life is crazy now. CRAZY BUSY! South Provo is the busiest area on the mission and always has the highest numbers of lessons for the week, because there is a lot of work here. 

 If you're wondering what happened to the group email last week, it's because there wasn't one. Sorry. Last P Day was super busy too! The average number of lessons for this area is like 40 to 50 lessons a week, that is of course with both sisters going on splits the whole day to cover it with a car. 

 Well since I came here a week and half ago they took away the car. we haven't been able to go on as many splits. Sister Tripp wants to learn my teaching style and get to know the members first. She has been stressing a bit to keep the numbers up. But we hope to go on more splits soon. 

 We are running to appointments as it is.  We got bikes so it should be better. But I have literally not had a spare moment. We wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, studies, go to appointments, rush lunch and dinner sometimes, come back, do daily planning for the next day, say prayers and collapse into bed, repeat the next day. We tried to plan this P Day accordingly so we could have an hour or two to just relax, meditate, watch a church film in our pj's and just do nothing. lol. 

South Provo: Babies Everywhere!

 South Provo is kind of funny because there the one side of it which is really ghetto and then there's the rabbit hutch of BYU. When I say rabbit hutch I mean both sacrament meetings I went to yesterday had a baby blessing. In one sacrament meeting you could barely hear the speaker because there were so many babies crying. Good ole BYU, where everyone gets married young and starts popping out babies. 

My Companion 

My companion is really great. She has a lot of compassion for the people we teach. She's really ambitious too. She's going to med school after the mission and is really pretty. She's got it all! 

Dinner With Bruce

 I felt bad we went out to dinner with a BYU couple and they invited a Native American man named Bruce to come along. Bruce was very drunk when he came with us. At dinner (Rocco's, which is pretty good with great Italian sodas) he started telling us his testimony of how he started reading the Book of Mormon in jail for 8 days and started crying. I can't remember how it related, but somehow he attributes it to having only been in jail for 8 days instead of longer. 

Then we dropped Bruce off at the front runner station, because Bruce is homeless and that's where he sleeps. I felt really bad. He was telling us how he wanted to find a wife to spend his life with. Then he said he hoped she'd be his sugar mama because he doesn't have any money. 

A New Investigator : Angela 

We have several people on date to be baptized within the next month or two. So that's good, however, I can't accredit those one's to myself since they were already on date when I got here. 

 We have a new investigator Angela who I think visited with us once and then avoided us. Then she called Saturday night and had us come over. I guess she's been reading the Book of Mormon and just really wants to find God and know who she is, because she feels so alone and lost in life not knowing how to pay rent and just all these trials. We couldn't really get to the lesson, she just needed the support at the moment. We asked right before we left if she wanted a priesthood blessing and quickly tried to summarize what the priesthood was and she wanted one that night so we called someone in the ward and an older couple came right over. Anyways, I've got to go I'll write more next week.

-Sister Behle

Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Transferred Wednesday!!

Hey everyone this week has been pretty good. We have a couple new people to teach. Cedric is Baptist from California and was super receptive to what we have to say. He wanted to come to church and get a copy of the book of Mormon and was willing to meet with us again.

 We saw Jack who is 9 and his mom is inactive and grandpa excommunicated who lives with them. When we went to visit Jack we taught him the Plan of Salvation and his grandpa was sitting next to him and leaning foward to look at everything we were showing Jack. It was kind of funny when I told Jack that when he was in the spirit world and resurrected that he would look his prime, probably 25 and so would his grandpa so they would be the same age. His grandpa got this sheepish grin on his face and eyes got really big. 

 We have been teaching a lady named Rhonda and we invited to be baptized and had already thought about it. She then told us that she still had some cleaning house to do such as quitting smoking. She told us how grateful she had been to the members around her that were so sincere in their efforts to helping her and how much that reflected on the church. 

 Anyways, I'm getting transferred on Wednesday. I'm not sure where I'm getting transferred only that it's a busy area and a driving area. I am somewhat relieved since it's really cold this time of year to not be in a driving area.

Our Heritage girl Sophie

Our Heritage girl Madi

Sister Peterson and I on a tandem bike at the DI

  Alright I'll talk to you all later

-Sister Behle

Monday, January 13, 2014

Teaching 2 Young Women at Heritage School

Her Most Recent Picture

"We had a baptism on Saturday. The girl Paige's family has been inactive. Her older sister got baptized because she asked to and now Paige (11) is following in her footsteps. 

Sister Haderlie Paige's mother bore her testimony at the baptism and her parents have been inactive. We've noticed that her dad has slowly been softening towards us, since he was kind of sarcastic to us when we first started coming over. So that's good!

 We worry about the girls at Heritage. Two of them really want to get baptized, but can't because the school won't let them until they're 18. But we worry that right now they are surrounded by good people, but when they are released to go home they're families are not exactly good influences.

I'll be getting transferred within two weeks. Today after emails we are going to go play laser tag by Smith's. All of our investigators have been getting baptized so are low on investigators right now. We are looking for more referrals since our numbers are low."

-Sister Behle

FYI : Heritage School is residential treatment centers for at-risk adolescents. Heritage offers troubled teens something extra. They treat the whole student—emotionally, intellectually, and physically. They also pioneered Relationship Therapy. Relationships with family, therapists, teachers, other students—Heritage covers them all, and more, to help students have a better life.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Baptism :)

Hey yall. 

 Well this week we thought we had Carbon Monoxide poisoning since our Carbon Monoxide alarm went off twice. So we packed up our stuff and slept at the other sisters' apt in our district. The gas company came the next day to check it out and I guess it was a false alarm, but we were all pretty sure that we were dying from it because we'd all been pretty sick. I guess it was just the weather and flu going around. 

 We had a baptism this week. Diana has been coming to church activities for about 7 years, she's in her 50's. She finally came around to getting baptized. 

 We walked around BYU campus today and saw an art exhibit at BYU. They have some famous European art there temporarily on loan for a couple months. The exhibit is free, but you do have to get tickets online if any of you are interested.

 Well that's pretty much been our week. Nothing way too exciting. Hope you're all doing well.

Sister Behle