Monday, December 16, 2013

Christine is A Few Blocks Away From Winston & Laura

Sister Behle's first letter from Provo :)

"So, while the Provo mission covers from Nephi to Thanksgiving Point (North to South) and Heber to Roosevelt (East to West) I actually live a couple blocks from you and cover your stake, along with two others.  ****She is referring to Winston and Laura****I'm really far away!! 

  I'm in a trio with Sister Peterson and Sister John.  They are both 19.  Sister Peterson is from Texas and Sister John is from California.  

Oh one of the bishops we work with is Brian Neff from across the street from Grandma and Grandpa.  He said I looked like Aunt Connie...I have now been told I look like Aunt Becky, Aunt Connie, and Aunt Janice by different people...anyways.  

Well there hasn't been a ton that has happened since it's only been six days and let's face's not really new territory.  We work with a BYU boy who was converted 3 months ago and is working on going on a mission.

 Then we work with Lindsey Stirling's family friend and costume designer (Shannon), we played Secret Santa with one of the wealthy ward missionaries who bought her and her little girl a bunch of presents and then we dropped them off, bc despite her working for Lindsey Stirling  apparently she doesn't make a ton.   

Ummm well we are going to work on some choreography for a skit we are going to do for the mission talent show. "
Sister Behle

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