Monday, December 23, 2013

Funny Christmas Shirts

Well, this week has been good. We have continued to visit some of the less actives.

We had two baptismal interviews this week. Sadie who is 9 and Diana who is an adult in her 50's. Diana has been going to church and acting like a Mormon for 7 years or something and is finally going through with the baptism.

We had a Christmas party for the zone. The mission President and his wife presented us with their gifts for us by him and his wife prancing out on the stage in the gym wearing shirts they made us saying, "Arise!" which they had printed on the shirts. The only thing was, was that the "i" was in yellow with the rest of the letters in black so you couldn't actually see the "i". So the mission president and his wife passed out shirts with what looked like the Scottish swear word for butt to 280 missionaries to wear. There were many elders from Scotland or other parts of Europe laughing hysterically when the president and his wife came out on stage with these shirts. I think the president was clueless the whole time.

We have gone over to one members house several times. The mom is the German Professor at BYU. They have a total of 11 kids. Seven of these kids are living at home and under the age of 10. Five of these kids are adopted black girls. All the children are well behaved and their house is immaculately clean both times we've come over, which one time was unexpected for them. The mom gives the children her full attention...anyways I think this lady had more than a 24 hour day to do everything.

We went over to Heritage yesterday to teach the girls Sophie and Madi. One of the staff gave Sophie a blessing at the end which he proceeded to tell Sophie that the blessing isn't magic and she still needs to do her part. Sophie exclaimed, "Well it sure felt like magic! I felt it go down my back!". Well folks that's about it for the week. Have a great Christmas!
-Sister Behle

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