Monday, January 13, 2014

Teaching 2 Young Women at Heritage School

Her Most Recent Picture

"We had a baptism on Saturday. The girl Paige's family has been inactive. Her older sister got baptized because she asked to and now Paige (11) is following in her footsteps. 

Sister Haderlie Paige's mother bore her testimony at the baptism and her parents have been inactive. We've noticed that her dad has slowly been softening towards us, since he was kind of sarcastic to us when we first started coming over. So that's good!

 We worry about the girls at Heritage. Two of them really want to get baptized, but can't because the school won't let them until they're 18. But we worry that right now they are surrounded by good people, but when they are released to go home they're families are not exactly good influences.

I'll be getting transferred within two weeks. Today after emails we are going to go play laser tag by Smith's. All of our investigators have been getting baptized so are low on investigators right now. We are looking for more referrals since our numbers are low."

-Sister Behle

FYI : Heritage School is residential treatment centers for at-risk adolescents. Heritage offers troubled teens something extra. They treat the whole student—emotionally, intellectually, and physically. They also pioneered Relationship Therapy. Relationships with family, therapists, teachers, other students—Heritage covers them all, and more, to help students have a better life.

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