Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Transferred Wednesday!!

Hey everyone this week has been pretty good. We have a couple new people to teach. Cedric is Baptist from California and was super receptive to what we have to say. He wanted to come to church and get a copy of the book of Mormon and was willing to meet with us again.

 We saw Jack who is 9 and his mom is inactive and grandpa excommunicated who lives with them. When we went to visit Jack we taught him the Plan of Salvation and his grandpa was sitting next to him and leaning foward to look at everything we were showing Jack. It was kind of funny when I told Jack that when he was in the spirit world and resurrected that he would look his prime, probably 25 and so would his grandpa so they would be the same age. His grandpa got this sheepish grin on his face and eyes got really big. 

 We have been teaching a lady named Rhonda and we invited to be baptized and had already thought about it. She then told us that she still had some cleaning house to do such as quitting smoking. She told us how grateful she had been to the members around her that were so sincere in their efforts to helping her and how much that reflected on the church. 

 Anyways, I'm getting transferred on Wednesday. I'm not sure where I'm getting transferred only that it's a busy area and a driving area. I am somewhat relieved since it's really cold this time of year to not be in a driving area.

Our Heritage girl Sophie

Our Heritage girl Madi

Sister Peterson and I on a tandem bike at the DI

  Alright I'll talk to you all later

-Sister Behle

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