Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Baptism :)

Hey yall. 

 Well this week we thought we had Carbon Monoxide poisoning since our Carbon Monoxide alarm went off twice. So we packed up our stuff and slept at the other sisters' apt in our district. The gas company came the next day to check it out and I guess it was a false alarm, but we were all pretty sure that we were dying from it because we'd all been pretty sick. I guess it was just the weather and flu going around. 

 We had a baptism this week. Diana has been coming to church activities for about 7 years, she's in her 50's. She finally came around to getting baptized. 

 We walked around BYU campus today and saw an art exhibit at BYU. They have some famous European art there temporarily on loan for a couple months. The exhibit is free, but you do have to get tickets online if any of you are interested.

 Well that's pretty much been our week. Nothing way too exciting. Hope you're all doing well.

Sister Behle

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