Monday, February 3, 2014

New Area: South Provo


Hey everyone my life is crazy now. CRAZY BUSY! South Provo is the busiest area on the mission and always has the highest numbers of lessons for the week, because there is a lot of work here. 

 If you're wondering what happened to the group email last week, it's because there wasn't one. Sorry. Last P Day was super busy too! The average number of lessons for this area is like 40 to 50 lessons a week, that is of course with both sisters going on splits the whole day to cover it with a car. 

 Well since I came here a week and half ago they took away the car. we haven't been able to go on as many splits. Sister Tripp wants to learn my teaching style and get to know the members first. She has been stressing a bit to keep the numbers up. But we hope to go on more splits soon. 

 We are running to appointments as it is.  We got bikes so it should be better. But I have literally not had a spare moment. We wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, studies, go to appointments, rush lunch and dinner sometimes, come back, do daily planning for the next day, say prayers and collapse into bed, repeat the next day. We tried to plan this P Day accordingly so we could have an hour or two to just relax, meditate, watch a church film in our pj's and just do nothing. lol. 

South Provo: Babies Everywhere!

 South Provo is kind of funny because there the one side of it which is really ghetto and then there's the rabbit hutch of BYU. When I say rabbit hutch I mean both sacrament meetings I went to yesterday had a baby blessing. In one sacrament meeting you could barely hear the speaker because there were so many babies crying. Good ole BYU, where everyone gets married young and starts popping out babies. 

My Companion 

My companion is really great. She has a lot of compassion for the people we teach. She's really ambitious too. She's going to med school after the mission and is really pretty. She's got it all! 

Dinner With Bruce

 I felt bad we went out to dinner with a BYU couple and they invited a Native American man named Bruce to come along. Bruce was very drunk when he came with us. At dinner (Rocco's, which is pretty good with great Italian sodas) he started telling us his testimony of how he started reading the Book of Mormon in jail for 8 days and started crying. I can't remember how it related, but somehow he attributes it to having only been in jail for 8 days instead of longer. 

Then we dropped Bruce off at the front runner station, because Bruce is homeless and that's where he sleeps. I felt really bad. He was telling us how he wanted to find a wife to spend his life with. Then he said he hoped she'd be his sugar mama because he doesn't have any money. 

A New Investigator : Angela 

We have several people on date to be baptized within the next month or two. So that's good, however, I can't accredit those one's to myself since they were already on date when I got here. 

 We have a new investigator Angela who I think visited with us once and then avoided us. Then she called Saturday night and had us come over. I guess she's been reading the Book of Mormon and just really wants to find God and know who she is, because she feels so alone and lost in life not knowing how to pay rent and just all these trials. We couldn't really get to the lesson, she just needed the support at the moment. We asked right before we left if she wanted a priesthood blessing and quickly tried to summarize what the priesthood was and she wanted one that night so we called someone in the ward and an older couple came right over. Anyways, I've got to go I'll write more next week.

-Sister Behle

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