Monday, February 10, 2014

Life In The Ghetto of Provo

Hey everyone. I hope you've all had a good week. My companion has been sick half the week so this week hasn't been as busy as some of the others. I'm now trying to remember what happened this week.

 Well we have two more people on date to get baptized. Sister Riley and her son will be getting baptized. Sister Riley has been wanting to baptized for awhile, but she's still technically married to a husband that left her and her kids and has had nothing to do with them that she had to get permission from. People that are married have to have permission from their spouse for baptism, she was really against trying to contact him, but finally she made the effort and the phone was disconnected and we called the mission president and he gave her the "okay" since she attempted and has no other way to try.

 We've had several people asking us for money this week. I guess people assume that we're wealthy, because the church has a lot of money and that we're the missionaries for the church. So that's awkward, we have to explain that we have limited funds each week and we're not allowed to give money. Sister Tripp and I decided that the Boulders is that most dramatic apartment building ever. They have their own police for the Boulders because there is so much stuff that goes down over there. There are fights that break out, a gazillion drug busts and everyone likes to get into everyone else's business over there. And everyone over there likes to talk about how dramatic everyone else is, but they are too kinda but don't realize it. 

 If one person has a car in that apartment building then the whole building knocks on their door asking for rides. There is one guy that finally put up a sign outside his door that said, "I only give rides to the Doctor and grocery shopping, no exceptions!" Somehow without having a lot of money, everyone seems to have cable tv. We see the cable tv van drive through Boulders all the time. 

 We drove this lady's dad to the hospital this week. He'd had three strokes, but refused to take the ambulance and so we went over to help this lady with her laundry and there was her dad that needed to go to the hospital so we started making phone calls for someone in the ward or someone that had a car that could take him. Anyways, I've got to go I'm out of time.

Sister Behle

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