Monday, February 24, 2014

Transfers are next week: Where Will Sis. Behle Go?

Transfers Are Coming! 

Well I've got about a week and a half left of this transfer and I'll be reassigned somewhere that I don't know yet out of state and probably won't find out until the day of transfers. This transfer will be a bit bigger. Maybe I'll be in Alaska in two weeks when I send my announcement of where I'll be in my weekly letter. 

Highlights of the Week

  • We had two baptisms yesterday for Jeri Riley and her son Steven Estrada.
  •  We are teaching a couple that are from India and here for school at BYU and the University of Utah. We were going over the plan of Salvation with these two and at one point I was going to explain the atonement and thought to ask if they knew who the devil was. They were like, "Who's the devil?". It's funny teaching people that don't have the basic understanding of who Jesus Christ was. 
        The couple (Nidhi and Alok) are very intelligent and Nidhi is getting her masters in Biotechnology and           Alok is getting his PHD in Chemical Engineering. They are very quiet and very sweet. We took them             to church last Sunday and the sacrament talk was great for them and filled with the spirit about how to           unconditionally love your family, kids, etc. 

        Nidhi and Alok said beforehand that was one thing that they liked about our church so it was a good             subject for them. We then went toSunday school and they went into depth about the Abrahamic                   Covenant...we were struggling to follow along, the guy could of been a professor for an advanced                 religion class and we had just barely taught them who the devil was! 

       Nidhi texted us later, however to tell us they wanted to prepare to be baptized so we will start preparing        them, but we have a lot to teach them first. Well those are probably the highlights of the week.

  •  Some girl yesterday at church threw up right in front of me walking down the hall, I have a bit of weak stomach and was thinking okay I'm the missionary here and should go get a mop or something, but I want to throw up just looking at it. You could tell who the moms were, because they were used to that sort of thing and dropped down on their hands and knees with paper towels and said it barely phased them since they've done it so many times...ughhhh. 

 Well, that's all. Have a great week.

-Sister Behle

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