Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day: Keep Your Heart Locked

Hey everyone. Well we have two people that are getting baptized next weekend. I think I might have mentioned them in my last letter actually.

Oh well it was Valentine's day so we heart attacked some of our less actives or investigators doors. Below there is a picture of how we are supposed to celebrate Valentine's day as missionaries. There is an article about keeping your heart locked as a missionary and heart shaped balloons with locks on them. They didn't want our hearts to drift for even a minute. There is no love for us on Valentines. haha Okay well my brother did send me a box of chocolates. It's probably because he knows I hate that day and was trying to make it better for me. ha.
Keep Your Heart Locked !! 
Well we also had fun doing our weekly planning in a fort in the pictures below. Sister Tripp was sick of routine and tried to spice things up.
Keeping it Fun with a Fort!
Okay and then we ran into this guy who had the most decked out bike I've ever seen. Apparently he can't afford a car and so now he's on bike, but he's got his whole life packed onto that thing. He has an alarm radio for music and time. He's got a cell phone holder on it, measuring tape attached to it, a picture of Christ on the back of it, a handicapped sticker on the front of it so he can get handicapped parking, and a ton of other things!
Back of Decked out Bike 
His Whole Life Packed On This Bike
I was going to just send the pictures and tell you guys how much Sister Tripp and I have done with the bikes we ride, but then I decided I should tell the truth missionary :D 

well anyways have a great week. 

Sister Behle

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